Court Locations

Updated Monday June 22, 2015 by Winnipeg Minor Basketball Association.

The following is a list of the 3 on 3 Summer League districts and their respective court.  

Click on the court name to view a mapped location.

North - Garden City Community Centre Court - 725 Kingsbury Avenue

East -  Oxford Heights Community Centre - 363 Dowling Avenue 

South East - Dakota Community Centre Court - 1188 Dakota Street

West - Kirkfield Westwood Community Centre Court - 165 Sansome Avenue

South West - Whyte Ridge Community Centre Court - 170 Fleetwood Road

Central - Weston Community Centre Court - 1625 Logan Avenue

Each court will have a certified Referee to officiate the game according to rules defined by the WMBA.  A Court Supervisor will also be present to timekeep and tabulate scores.

Games will be 25 minutes running time.  Teams will be given a 5 minute break in between each back to back game.   

Interactive Court Images (Requires Microsoft Silverlight to view)

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Dakota Community Centre Courts

Garden City Community Centre Courts

Weston  Community Centre Courts

Whyte Ridge Community Centre Courts

Kirkfield Westwood Community Centre Courts

John Gunn School Basketball Courts