WMBA presents the 3on3 Summer Basketball League

Updated Monday June 22, 2015 by Winnipeg Minor Basketball Association.

The mission of the Winnipeg Minor Basketball Association is to provide a positive environment for all of Winnipeg & surrounding area youth, coaches, referees and parents by promoting the sport of basketball through a community centre program!

We are thrilled to announce the 4th annual 3on3 Summer League is back!

The 3on3 Summer League is an outdoor basketball league that provides a fun and competitive environment through the participation of basketball. The 3on3 Summer League runs through the months of July and August. 

The league is comprised of six divisions:

            - 15 & Under Female

            - 15 & Under Male

            - 17 & Under Female

            - 17 & Under Male

            - 18 & Over Female

            - 18 & Over Male

Female divisions play on Tuesdays while male divisions play on Wednesdays.


Games are played at six different locations/districts:

North - Garden City Community Centre Court - 725 Kingsbury Avenue

East -  Oxford Heights Community Centre - 363 Dowling Avenue

South East - Dakota Community Centre Court - 1188 Dakota Street

West - Kirkfield Westwood Community Centre Court - 3160 McBey Avenue

South West - Whyte Ridge Community Centre Court - 170 Fleetwood Road

Central - Weston Community Centre Court - 1625 Logan Avenue


All games will follow :

3on3 Rules (June.1, 2015) .pdf